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This site was originally set up to keep in touch with family and close friends whilst my late wife, Charlie, and I, Richard, cruised the Mediterranean. Somewhat surprisingly it gained a following way beyond its original purpose even to the extent of encouraging others to try the lifestyle we had chosen for our retirement, such folk being kind enough to track us down and thank us for having done so.

Our yachts, all Charlie Girl’s, were so named as a tribute to Charlie’s courage and strength in battling with a body built at 5.31pm on a Friday that subjected her to an ever increasing barrage of disease and failure. Never did she allow that to interfere with her commitment to and enjoyment of life or her love, care and concern for other people before herself. By the time of her death in May 2011 she had been my lover, my soul mate and my inspiration for 37 of her all too short life of just 58 years and three weeks.

But life must move on and me with it so I decided to restart the website after a break of a few years, partly to amuse myself, partly for its original purpose but also as a source of information for my kids, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren once this old sea dog finally slips his mortal coil, albeit one hopes that will not be for many years yet!

It is also hoped that a second Captain Moppity Bucket might be found to join me in my continuing adventures though it is hoped the adventures do not included a further lightning strike as in August 2015 or the considerable, almost terminal, damage wreaked by a hurricane force squall in October 2016. But still, every cloud has a silver lining and mine is an almost totally refurbished yacht which looks as good as new and is now equipped with the latest, sophisticated, navigation kit.






Website by Rod Day

Richards "Art of footsteering"
The mastery of which is essential for relaxed cruising. The only things missing are the glass of wine and Kalamata olives!
Captain "Moppity Bucket"
otherwise known as Charlie, an RYA Day Skipper whose talents included smart ways of doing things such as using the morning dew to mop the decks, even when moored to a very rickety pontoon!