Port Appendices
Eastern Sporades : Greece

These notes are intended to compliment Rod Heikellís excellent Greek Waters Pilot, without which we would not have been able to properly and so expeditiously explore the Greek waters we love so much; we strongly urge you to buy each new edition as it is produced.† It is never possible for such a comprehensive publication to be totally up to date thus, where appropriate; we have mentioned changes.


is a friendly place.† The island is desolate and has never really recovered from the massacre of almost its entire population in 1824.† But it has survived and we had a most enjoyable stay, first eating out at a very basic taverna just back from the beach looking westward to where we had arrived from and the setting sun, then taking Greek coffee in the harbour area at a very old fashioned Greek cafť bar full of holidaying Greek families.† Our previous walk around the village was enchanting.† Each person or family we saw we greeted with kalespera or yassas and every case it was warmly and welcomingly responded to with a similar response.

The port is very limited and dangerously shallow in places.† Mooring to the pontoon is probably best and we found the locals moored there most helpful on our arrival.† Donít let the warning note put you off.


Regrettably we found the whole island largely disappointing though it is difficult to explain quite why that is so.† The main town and port is so busy it seems worse than Athens.† We stopped for two hours to provision up and got out as soon as we could.


A delightful and surprisingly protected little port seeing it is on the north coast but there is little ashore to encourage more than a one-night stay.

Khios Town

Ghastly and dirty port that the pilot describes very well!

Ormos Kamari (Emborios)

The islandís saving grace.† A beautiful little anchorage with some delightful tavernas ashore and excellent swimming environment.A good stepping off point for the trip to Samos.

Nisos Oinoussa


Go there; it is quite charming and you can moor-up with ease and swim in the harbour.† Eating ashore is limited as the Island Fathers (it is one of the richest islands in Greece and it is said the shipping magnates who come from here still pay the locals to NOT open tavernas).† Provisions are very limited

Other spots

There are other bays for anchoring and swimming around this very small island but we did not visit them; yet.† We will.


We shall return to Samos some time when we are not chasing our shadows or sailing with friends as we were in 2005 and perhaps see a little more of this island so please do not take the one port visited as any negative comment about the island as a whole.


A busy, very touristy, little harbour that is certainly popular with yachties. Water and power are available on the town quay, at a price.

If you like a bit more life and action, this is the place for you; not too noisy but certainly lively.

A good harbour with easy mooring and if the quay is full and might well be, there is a large sand bottom outer harbour within which to anchor and swim.

Excellent for provisioning, laundry, internet etc.