Ports Appendices
Italy : South East Coast


We only visited these ports because we needed to avoid the overnight voyage from Dubrovnik to Corfu subsequent to Charlie's dislocation. It is not an inspiring route but is relatively easy and does have some lighter points. We hope to cover the boot of Italy and Sicily on our way to Malta, may be later in 2006.

Vieste (What you wear under your shiertey?)
The ugly randomly strewn concrete gabions forming the breakwater accurately predict the ghastly marina beyond. But the old town area has a certain charm and its restaurant Sapori di Puglia, amongst many others, an adequate menu to reward a visit. But the marina's Ristorante da GiacoMo serves a meal to die for; fish cappachio (wafer thin slices of smoked swordfish & tuna on a bed of rocket), local home-made shell pasta with a freshly made (we watched him) cherry tomato sauce, home-made tiramisu (but Jeanne Coopers' still scores the highest) & chocolate mousse, Grappa and a litre of local white wine & aqua minerale, €47.00 for two; the best meal so far in 7 weeks and the most compelling reason for returning to this unattractive port.

Punta Agnoli (not even a car?)
Avoid if possible; there's nothing there.

Manfredonia (he should be shot)
Ghastly, massive fishing port, yachts apparently unwelcome though we did stay the night but left at dawn.

It requires even less comment. We didn't stop!

Trani (Mmmm?)
Lovely tastefully modernised old port with an organised and welcoming communal (local authority) marina but don't leave your boat or outboard motor unlocked. Nonetheless, a charming little port with loads of character, bags of modern shops in the newer areas and plenty of places to eat. And it appears safe in all weather conditions.

Moli di Bari (a strange couple)
Simple little fishing harbour with a few marina pontoons and a sleepy town that comes to life each afternoon at about 1700 as the fishing boats return and the fish market opens for business, attracting not only fishy customers but allied trades people selling their home produced vegetables and salad. And we found an Internet 'point' there!

A big port with an adjacent international airport (Ryan Air) and a town with history somewhat spoilt by its modern day commercial guise. We actually berthed in the new marina about half way into the enormous harbour complex. It was welcoming and well run despite being empty. We believe mooring at the Old Town Quay and the old marina there is also allowed and well protected.

Originally an important Roman port with little of that history evident now except perhaps in the heavily tourist biased old town streets though we failed to see what actually attracts tourists in the first place. A poor marina badly affected by swell but this is a good kick-off point to head for Greek waters or visa versa.

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